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Off to Peru soon!

We’d like to thank all who showed their support for Las Vidas Mejoradas at our recent benefit! We made about $300 which will go to completing our current project in Mandorani. Thank you Sean of Cowfish! And congratulations to Leslie on winning the Peruvian weaving!

As you may recall, we are visiting the home of 20 families over the next month (3/28-4/26) who have an improved stove. Our goals in Mandorani are to complete health screening of the families, inspect the stoves for a clean chimney, as well as maintenance, and visit the centro de salud for more data on respiratory problems reported over the last two years. It is our agreement with these families should all be completed on their end (namely care and cleaning of the stove) we will return with interest their 30 soles that they paid to participate. (This approach reflecting a long held tenet of ours to not simply “gift” people assistance, but rather have participants “own” in this case, their stove.)

Following this we will begin research and visit projects underway with other Peruvian NGO’s in the vicinity of Ollantaytambo. We will also meet a family that had met with crisis where our donations were able to help the mother start a small business and get the children back in school. Our goal is to come home and report to our board what we have seen and to then decide whom we can partner with that aligns with the goals of LVM.

We will be posting here as well as sending out reports of our progress via our mailing list. Please feel free to email us at vidasmejoradas@gmail.com with any comments or questions.

Thank you all again for your support of this work.

Laurie and Steve
Las Vidas Mejoradas

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