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2011 Update to Our Supporters

December 20, 2011

Dear Supporters,

2011 has been a year of completion and new beginnings for Las Vidas Mejoradas. We want to take time now to thank you for your support, both financially and through advice and encouragement, as well as to update you on the happenings in 2011 and anticipated work in 2012 for LVM.

Our biggest news is that we successfully attained our tax exempt status in September of this year! This means that those of you who have donated since April of 2009 can now use those as deductions this year at tax filing time. And yes, we will continue to provide receipts for future donations.

We returned to Peru in March of this year and revisited all the families with improved stoves to complete our two year program in Mandorani. Reports of our findings and photos can be found at our website www.vidasmejoradas.org.

Other news is that our work is beginning to take new forms and we are taking the time now in this economic environment to join hands with other small, committed, registered non-profits in the region in support of goals in line with ours. To that end, while in Peru, we researched and visited other non-profit organizations and their work in the vicinity of The Sacred Valley, in order to prepare ourselves to collaborate with other people on the ground in projects reflecting both of our missions.

We solicited and are now reviewing small grant proposals (approximately $500) from several of these organizations. Proposals include assisting with bus costs to transport disabled children to school daily; an adolescent leadership and education program in a small community that promotes completion of their studies, done through support in issues related to family violence, alcoholism and teenage pregnancy; a school lunch program; and repair of a greenhouse in a highland community. Our board is discussing these proposals with the goal of selecting one that best reflects our mission, affecting the most people we can, as well as being sustainable with both a timeline and a future in mind. We will write you later and post to the webpage with more information about the program we select and news of a fundraiser planned for late winter.

In closing, please consider Las Vidas Mejoradas in your annual end-of-year gift giving. We will continue to apply your donations wisely in programs that support healthier lives and environments.

Happy Holidays to All,

Laurie Iaccino, RN

President, Las Vidas Mejoradas

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