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LVM is proud to announce it’s grant recipients!

We at Las Vidas Mejoradas want to thank all of the non-profits who submitted a total of eight proposals for review and possible collaboration. We were struck by the fact that there is no shortage of good work to do, or conscientious, caring nonprofits and people behind them in The Sacred Valley. Thank you!

Our decision was reached after much deliberation. It was important to us to select a project that not only reflected our mission but also affected the greatest number of people, and that our grant go to complete a project rather than fund a portion of an ongoing project. As a federally tax-exempt nonprofit here in the US, we are prevented from collecting donations for an individual person (called earmarking), and thus cannot fund such requests, no matter how worthy. We are required to monitor closely how our money is spent, receive regular progress and evaluation reports, visit and participate, even if from a distance.

We have selected the Abre Puertas Project, “Integrated Adolescent Leadership and Healthy Development Program” as our first choice and as our second, Living Heart’s “Repair and Upgrade of a School Greenhouse”. We will be in contact shortly with the above groups to discuss further when the funding will be available for each.

Again we wish to thank you all for your carefully thought out projects and your patience during our deliberation process. Everyone is doing wonderful work and we are proud to be even a small part of it.

We hope that a year from now we will have raised the funds to invite another set of proposals for small grants, and look forward to a continuing collaboration as we all work together to bring una vida mejorada to the people of The Sacred Valley.

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