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March 7, 2013

We’re delighted to announce our grant recipients for 2013!

First, an explanation about how we are approaching our mission and work. Over the last few years, due in a large degree to economic constraints, we at LVM made the decision to invite grant proposals from like-minded, small, registered non-profits so to work together, in this case, financially, to help improve the lives of the rural poor in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Nearly two years ago, we pondered the cost of a plane ticket, and it was obvious for the cost of one ticket we could sponsor three to four programs like the ones I am about to tell you about. A little money, in this case $500, can go a long way in rural Peru!

Our first selection comes from Living Heart. We have sponsored previous programs proposed by Living Heart and are very excited for the opportunity to work together again. This is a proposal for expansion of their Mobile Library, previously piloted in two communities, where they are now adding a third. They will increase their student beneficiaries from 137-260 and include younger children. Teachers as well will benefit, as often in these small remote communities, they have few resources to stimulate young minds. Together Living Heart will work with teachers and an educational adviser, continuing to increase both the number and range of educational and fun/fantasy books and as well as bring the program to another community. Bringing books that can broaden thought processes, stretch imagination, and open discussion in the classroom will assist these children to get the most out of their education, and potentially, their futures. Our grant of $500 will provide them with many more books and clear film covering for each book.

Our second selection is from Abre Puertas whom we worked with last year. This year we’re excited to be part of program promoting literacy and environmental responsibility. Abre Puertas operates a community center in a small locale and within this program, they are beginning a new library, initially to be open weekly, all day, where 2-12 year old children and parents will benefit from library hours. Plans include story telling, and homework help on this day also. The program will also include opportunities for literacy-based workshops with topics like caring for our environment, plant growing, renewable and non renewable resources and recycling; and a Young Authors Series encouraging writing. A portion of the $500 grant will also go towards buying two recycling receptacles, so to collect plastic and then sell, with the money going to support Abre Puertas programs.

So, yes, it will be another win-win situation for collaborators and beneficiaries alike in 2013! We are so very excited! Great programs, modest costs with huge returns, an opportunity for all of us to give, and dependable, dedicated help on the ground both to initiate and followup on our commonly held endeavors that aim to assist the rural poor in Peru.

You will hear more soon about our fundraiser. planned in mid-June. We’re planning an event serving Peruvian-style chicken dinners and are in process of locating a commercial kitchen and inviting space in the Eugene/Springfield area. Please contact us at vidasmejoradas@gmail.com, if you have ideas!

Meanwhile, please consider making a donation; honestly, small amounts of money can make an incredible difference in these poor communities and the projects we carefully select to support. Please click on our PayPal link or send your donation to Las Vidas Mejoradas, PO Box 1643, Springfield, OR 97477

Again, thank you all.

December 2012 notes

The end of the year is fast approaching! Our grant recipients have been busy providing us with progress reports, submitting new proposals for our joint work in 2013, and perhaps more importantly, participating in annual “Chocolatadas”, whereby Christmas is brought to many children of high mountain communities in the form of a sweet bread, hot chocolate and a small toy.

And we’re updating our page as well. We wanted to organize things a bit better, introduce you to our awesome board, and highlight our current work and partners. Please stay posted for updates on our web page and our work for 2013.

As always, thank you for your support, both financially and otherwise.

Our New Logo!

Thank you Jim Reed!

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