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Our Board

President: Laurie Iaccino

Laurie is a co-founder of LVM. She has been a nurse for 25 years and in the last eight, has continued to find ways to assist families, communities and organizations in the vicinity of Cusco, Peru in projects relating to better, healthier lives. She has volunteered for Catholic Medical Mission Board and worked independently as a volunteer for Antonio Lorena Hospital in Cusco, and for Cristo de los Andes, formerly of Cusco, where she maintained a small clinic providing basic health care and first aid. When she is not in Peru, she works as a nurse with a specialty in Cardiology. Her hobbies include organic gardening and putting up food, camping, hiking, biking, walking, reading and bird watching out in her front yard. She is devoted to her family, her two sons, and many friends.

Vice President: Elayne Quirin

Secretary-Treasurer: Steve Bouton

Steve, co-founder of LVM lives and works in Eugene, Oregon, where is is married to and shares a home with Laurie Iaccino. He has a varied background in pastries, office management, electronics, and construction. A lifelong activist, his hobbies include radio, record collecting, and gardening as well as a long history with various non-profit and collective organizations. He has spent eight months total in Peru and cannot wait to go back.

Member: Ellen Bouton
Ellen was librarian for many years at National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville, Virginia. Now retired, she lives in nearby Afton, VA, and continues to work part-time as NRAO’s archivist. She otherwise devotes herself to her many other passions including gardening, reading, her church community, as a board member for the nearby North Branch School and as a traveler.

Member: Leslie Shawver

Member: Lorin Hill Loomis

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