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ETHOS 2010

Tomorrow we are off to ETHOS in Kirkland, Washington.  As I look at the schedule, it looks like there will be quite a few topics Steve and I will be interested in!  I will report back.

Floods in the Cuzco area

I have been hearing from my humanitarian aid friends living in the Cuzco area about the recent flooding in the Cuzco area.  Here on our co-existing blog, you can read more.

Hello world!

Hi everybody!

More content will be appearing here over the next few weeks.



As we prepare for our first board meeting, I’d like to note that we sent 20 calendars down to Mandorani.  Each month has a color picture from our work there, along with a tip for stove maintenance and/or healthy living.  We are hoping that this will keep us in their minds, since we won’t be able to make it back for a while.

For anyone who wants to catch up on our work, please check out Laurie’s “Pencils For Peru” blog on the sidebar.

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